About Us

The Aim Chai Endowment Campaign is a joint effort to strengthen and sustain Jewish Hartford, sponsored by the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford and the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford.  A true collaboration of institutions, families and individuals leading the way to an exciting future for generations to come. We are a collection of voices, ideas, resources and effort. But don't take our word for it -- hear what our leadership has to say (some of them are below), and ask around for information, ideas and perspectives from around Greater Hartford's Jewish community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aim Chai?

"Aim Chai is a collective effort to strengthen and sustain Jewish Hartford. It’s not just a fund-raising campaign. It’s about new ideas and solving problems, powered by the community’s vision for the future.” -- Bruce Fischman, Aim Chai Co-Chair

What’s different about Aim Chai?

“Aim Chai is the only campaign of its kind across the nation, where so many diverse partners -- synagogues, agencies, schools and institutions -- are all working together to build a brighter future through endowment.”-- Eric Zachs, Aim Chai Co-Chair

What is your goal?

“We want every organization involved in Aim Chai to create a substantial endowment fund for their future, with your help. We want the community to come together and take action now for the benefit of all of us, today and for generations to come.” -- Michael Johnston, Jewish Community Foundation President and CEO

How can I get involved?

“We hope that everyone will contribute to our effort. That may mean giving money, time, ideas or expertise. You can do this through one of the many organizations involved, on Facebook, twitter or in your own backyard. Start by imagining the future of this community, and take action to make that happen, however you see fit.” -- Leigh Newman

Who is involved?

“Aim Chai is an incredible collaboration. It is organized by the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford and the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, working together with more than 25 participating synagogues, agencies and institutions.” -- Elliott Tertes

“Our activities are guided by an Executive Committee of community leaders who have been instrumental in the planning and success of this Campaign.” (See list below.) -- Bob Yass, Chairman of the Board, Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford


Executive Committee

Bruce A. Fischman (Co-Chair)
Eric M. Zachs (Co-Chair)
Stephen Bayer
Thomas M. Divine
Gary S. Greenberg
I. Bradley Hoffman
Michele G. Kostin
David R. Miller
Brian J. Newman
Leigh A. Newman
Randi L. Piaker
Richard Rubenstein
Gideon Rutenberg
Judith D. Schlossberg
Gary S. Starr
Gayle W. Temkin
Elliott D. Tertes
Robert K. Yass
Judith L. Zachs