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  • What does community mean to you?

    Share your thoughts about community!

  • Community-wide Ethical Will

    Greater Hartford Rabbinical Association Present the Community with an Ethical Will at the Aim Chai Celebration

  • Chai-ku Contest Winners!

    Last fall, we asked students from across the community to sum up their vision for the future of our community in 18 words our less. We've visited the schools and awarded the prizes, it's now time to publicly announce the winners!

  • Why We Aim Chai: The Sasportas Family

    Why David and Iris Sasportas take part in Aim Chai, and how David is leading the charge at Federation Homes.

  • Fostering Independent Living

    Empowering people with disabilities, or the elderly, to live independently while connecting to community

  • Six Reasons to Aim Chai

    Here are just six reasons why Aim Chai is so good for our community -- and your favorite organizations!

  • Advocating for Jewish Connecticut

    One voice for many communities in JFACT

  • Endowment Giving 101

    Like a perennial plant, endowment gifts provide permanent sources of funding -- the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

  • Connections for Teens and Young Adults

    Fun and meaning go together for teens in these programs

  • Honi and the Carob Tree

    Why are you planting this tree? You will not live long enough to enjoy it...

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  • Aim Chai Achieves Milestone

    Our monumental collaboration and exploration of our community of the future has achieved a big milestone and there's more to come!

  • Why We Aim Chai: The Federman Family

    Why Jeanie and David Federman made Greater Hartford's Jewish community their cause over decades, and what motivates them today.

  • Building Community for the Next 100 Years

    The Mandell JCC has big plans on its 100th birthday!

  • Building STEAM: Transforming Day Schools

    From robotics to design, integrated learning to inspire a new generation.

  • Why We Aim Chai: The Temkin Family

    Gayle Temkin shares her perspective on family giving, and why Aim Chai matters.

  • Community Cornerstones

    Pillars of our Jewish community that enrich all of us.

  • Facing Dementia

    Pamela Atwood offers an important perspective on proactive approaches to managing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Why We Aim Chai: Karen and Gerry Goldberg

    Learn what the Goldbergs love about Greater Hartford’s Jewish community.

  • Support during Crisis

    Serving us when we're in need or facing adversity

  • Why We Aim Chai: The Geary Family

    The Geary Family shares why they view their fund as an opportunity - for them and the community.

  • Faith and Spirituality

    Diverse options to practice faith and explore meaning lead to a vibrant community

  • Why We Aim Chai: The Rutenberg Family

    Gideon and Mary Rutenberg love living in the same area as their three children and grandchildren, sharing their lives and their perspective on philanthropy.

  • Food for All

    Because no one should go hungry if we can prevent it.

  • Writing the Future

    Students share their vision of the future - in 18 words or less!

  • Share Ideas, Solve Problems

  • Why We Aim Chai: Peter and Lisa Fishman

    The Fishman family shares what motivates them to give time, money and expertise to strengthen the community.

  • Joint Professional Development Day

    In a joint professional development day, three Jewish day schools demonstrated the collaboration that's key to success.

  • Self-Expression through the Arts

    Creating outlets for artistic expression now and for the future.

  • CHAI-KU Contest!

    Share your vision for our community, and hear what others had to say.

  • Why We Aim Chai: The Tertes Family

    The Tertes Family on what they believe Aim Chai means for the community.

  • Preserve Our Cemeteries

    Honoring and taking care of generations past.

  • What is STEAM, Anyway?

    Brian Clark, a director of instructional design, demystifies STEAM.

  • Dream Big: A New Hebrew Health Care

    New generation of seniors, new expectations, and a new approach for Hebrew Health Care.

  • Our Collaborative Community

    We are working together towards a brighter future!

  • Discovery & Connection through Research

    Centers of educational and academic rigor in our backyard

  • Future Generations Fund

    Youth remember the Holocaust together and lead against hatred.

  • What Brings Us Together

    There's one thing that connects us all...

  • Mitzvah Central: Volunteer Your Way

    Exciting ways to give your time and expertise for community benefit.

  • Vision

    Imagine it, and see how Aim Chai is making it happen

  • Innovative Philanthropy

    A new dynamic center will move the community towards greater impact.

  • Aim Chai for Community

    Aim Chai is all about community -- what makes your community special?

  • Voices of Hope: Honoring Holocaust Survivors

    Discovering our community roots, sharing stories and connecting through our past.

  • Make a Difference

  • Preserving Our Past, Shaping Our Future

    Bringing our history to life.